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The King James Only Controversy

Mental and Health Risks Associated with Only Speaking One Language
[NPR News Report]

Scientists have found that bilingual seniors are better at skills that can fade with age than their monolingual peers.

Not so long ago bilingualism was thought to be bad for your brain. But it looks more and more like speaking more than one language could help save you from Alzheimer's disease.

The latest evidence from the bilingualism-is-good-for-you crew comes from Brian Gold, a neuroscientist at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine in Lexington. To test the idea, he had older people who grew up bilingual do an attention-switching task, a skill that typically fades with age. Earlier research has found that people bilingual since childhood are better at the high-order thinking called executive function as they age.

Gold found that his bilingual seniors were better at the task, which had them quickly sorting colors and shapes, than their monolingual peers. He then added an extra dimension by sticking the people's heads in scanners to see what was happening inside their brains. The brains of the monolingual seniors were working harder to complete the task, while the bilingual seniors' brains were much more efficient, more like those of young adults.

Neuroscientists think that having more reserve brain power helps compensate for age-related declines in thinking and memory, and may help protect against the losses caused by Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia. The study was published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

About 20 percent of Americans are bilingual and as many as 60 percent of people in cities like New York grew up speaking two languages.

Gold might not be an entirely unbiased observer: He became a fluent bilingual as a child, thanks to the French immersion school he attended in Montreal. He's old enough to remember when speaking two languages was considered a handicap. He recalls a cousin ragging him: "He said, 'You're not going to learn to speak English properly'. Not only is that not true, but bilingualism gives you benefits in what we call executive control."

Gold seldom speaks French now, though he has learned Spanish to talk with his Mexican-born wife and her relatives. His next task is to see if learning a second language in adulthood would give some protective benefit to those of us who missed the chance to be bilingual as children. That, he says, "would be more useful to people."

Profesor Robinson's Comments: Another mental benefit from becoming bilingual the acquisition of global thinking, if the language one is learning has a different culture. Each language has its own thought process, and by learning a different way of expressing the same idea we can, over time, break down and overcome our own personal ethnic prejudices.

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Both of these 3hEd websites strive to concentrate on what is truly important when it comes to learning anything: a single composite attitude which consists of humility, honesty and hunger. Without these core components, education is just a meaningless word. The 3h attitude, composed of three attributes, all beginning with the letter H, work together to make any educational endeavour beneficial because 1) it helps us become better people and 2) it also safeguards us from all the wrong information out there. The first H (humility) helps us to keep focused on WHY we learn, the second H (honesty) limits us to WHAT we learn, and the last H (hunger) determines WHEN we learn. This composite frame of mind will be referred to as 3hEd (3-H Education.

The King James Only

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