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All four of these 3-H websites strive to concentrate on what is truly important when it comes to learning anything: a single composite attitude which consists of humility, honesty and hunger. Without these core components, education is just a meaningless word. The 3h attitude, composed of three attributes, all beginning with the letter H, work together to make any educational endeavour beneficial because 1) it helps us become better people and 2) it also safeguards us from all the wrong information out there. The first H (humility) helps us to keep focused on WHY we learn, the second H (honesty) limits us to WHAT we learn, and the last H (hunger) determines WHEN we learn. This composite frame of mind will be referred to as 3-H.

Institute of Bilingual Education
(Instituto Educativo Bilingüe)
Dedicated to the promotion of learning and knowing a second language

According to educators, a vocabulary of 500 words is enough for limited communication of wishes and needs. Basic conversation requires about 1000 words plus some knowledge of verb tenses. (August 8, 2009 Parade Magazine)

However, with as few as 300 basic words you will be able to understand and talk in a second language and it will put you on the pathway of becoming bilingual.

The Institute of Bilingual Education or IOBE.co is dedicated to the  promotion of learning and knowing a second language apart from one's native tongue.

IOBE.co is also the Institute of Basic English by Charles K. Ogden

Located in Walnut Ridge, Arkansas, U.S.A., call my Skype number at (870) 637-0411, or text me at (870) 378-0310.

About Profesor Robinson's Educational Services

We live in Horrible Times and everything is about money and greed. My institute, however, is in the public domain, meaning that anyone anywhere has free access without cost.

The method I use for IOBE.co is Charles K. Ogden's Basic English, also in the public domain. I did not have to pay to have access to it, so neither should you. Jesus instructed us: "you received free, you give free."

So, how do I make a living? I simply let my students know what is available to them free of cost and what I will charge them for. I charge for hard-copy printing and the time I have invested in personalized instruction (tutoring). I also charge for travel in order to cover expenses.

This model can also serve others who wish to join my team of bilingual teachers worldwide. Feel free to use/copy this system. You can earn a modest income while you serve the public.

IOBE.co and 3hEd.org can supply you with a custom certificate/diploma for your students who have completed the bilingual exercises. Even though for now they are only in English/Spanish, you can which the course to English/Chinese or another native tongue in your area.

is a public domain educational institute dedicated to the promotion of bilingualism. It costs nothing to enroll and attend classes online. 3hEd.org is a free keyboard university for teachers.

When you finish the lessons and have a native speaker give you an oral exam, you may request your signed and sealed IOBE.co or 3hEd.org diploma which will be mailed to you for a modest fee.

You may use my websites and the diploma you have earned along with your neat handwritten lessons as evidence of completing the courses. Additionally you may wish to attach a letter of referral from your private tutor (if you have one), as proof of your bilingualism or your ability to instruct others.

To IOBE Teachers:
My rate covers my expenses for my area and I encourage you to charge enough to cover your expenses which will allow you to form groups that even poor students can afford. The rate should be 2.5 times the average hourly income. Here in the U.S.A. the average hourly contract rate is about $10. So, $10 x 2.5 = $25. The reason why you need to charge 2.5 times more than the average full-time rate is because teachings requires travel, preparation and organization. You actually spend 2.5 hours for every hour you teach if you wish to instruct your students well; three or fours classes a day will be a full-time job for you.

To IOBE Students:
One on One classes will be good for you, if you can afford it. But your teacher, if he follows my system, will charge you only half his rate when you join with another student; a third his rate if you are part of a group of three. To get this special rate you need to get your group together and pay the teacher for the classes in advance, that way if any in the group drop out, you will not have to make up the difference. Be serious about your attendance and your teacher will be serious with his effort to teach you!


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Note: Profesor is a Spanish secular title, not a religious one, Jesus prohibited the use of religious titles, with the exception of brother or sister, by his disciples at Matthew 23:8-12.


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